This week’s episode features a longer story from author and journalist Kristen Millares Young.  Her personal essay “Every Woman Holds a Flame Against the Wind” is about finding her way in a world that wants so little for women and everything from them. The essay is forthcoming in the anthology Latina Outsiders: Remaking Latina Identity, edited by Grisel Acosta. 

Kristen Millares Young is the author of Subduction (Red Hen Press, spring 2020) and Prose Writer-in-Residence at Hugo House, a nonprofit home for writers. She has had essays in the GuardianHobartMoss, Pie & Whiskey: Writers Under the Influence of Butter & Booze (Sasquatch Books), a New York Times New & Notable Book, and forthcoming in Latina Outsiders: Remaking Latina Identity. As researcher, Kristen was the only non-staffer on the New York Times team that produced “Snow Fall,” which won a Pulitzer and a Peabody. In 2016, the Society for Features Journalism honored her Guardian investigation of Native actress Misty Upham’s disappearance. Kristen graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University with a B.A. in History and Literature and from the University of Washington’s MFA program. She serves as co-founder and board chair of InvestigateWest, a nonprofit newsroom with offices in Seattle and Portland.



Theme song “Rhinestone Rosie” by Lowlands
Music “Cold Fusion” by Tom Rorem

“Flame Against The Wind”

Life is a wall made from brick and stone
It stands as a gate between hell and home
With no way through and no way over
Objects of lust, the pride of man,
Does beauty define all that I have and all that I am?
Better days seem to evaporate, and I know

Hard days for you my love, You hold a flame against the wind
Blue skies come soon for us And number the days of the clouds of gloom

Damn it all I feel this holy rage
I can't believe this is where we are
Our hands on the wall our feet in the grave
Wandering eyes, suspicious gaze
I have a soul, but they see a whore to judge and to shame
better days seem to evaporate, and I know
how hard I try just to break down this wall there will be

Hard days for you my love, you hold a flame against the wind
Blue skies come soon for us And number the days of the clouds of gloom

They don't believe all the stories here
Wisdom and strength beyond our own years
I don't give a damn about what you think
Cause you don't know what the hell I've been through

Hard days for me my love I hold a flame against the wind
We hold a flame against the wind

Written By: Tom Rorem
Recorded, Mixed, Mastered: Tom Rorem
Guitar, Vocals: Tom Rorem
Drums: William Mapp
Electric Guitar: Steve Miller
Bass: Tom Rorem
Keyboards: Alex Huth

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